X-ile’s Beliefs

What Does X-ile Believe?

  • In X-ile we believe in Jesus Christ and strive to follow him communally. 
  • X-ile’s form of worship is dictated by the environment in which it exists.
  • The doctrine of X-ile is to live in community with one another, following Jesus Christ.
  • X-ile’s history is contained in the Bible and generally accepted literature of the Christian church written after the Bible.
  • X-ile’s specific literature is the Bible and the document entitled “X-ile” by Dr. Todd Seelau
  • X-ile strives to be a flat structure of people following Jesus together
  • X-ile’s services operate in community around the United States at various times and in various places. There are no bulletins used in these gatherings.
  • Anyone that attends a gathering of X-ile is a member for the length of the gathering and has all rights to participate in all activities.
  • At the moment, X-ile has a leader that facilitates and oversees gatherings. Rev. Dr. Todd Seelau is Ordained by the United Methodist Church and is an active member in good standing with the denomination.
  • X-ile comes from the United Methodist movement and has similar beliefs and practices with the United Methodist Church.